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The grooming collective will be offering new formats and fresh content in our workshop offering in 2019. We have created three new 2-day workshops (design-tech 1, design-tech 2 and clipper intensive).  These workshops are focused on design, technique and the service delivery standards associated with developing a male clientele.


Design-Tech One

(a principled based approach)

This workshop is a technical haircutting class that explores design, service, mechanics and navigation templates. We execute the first three haircuts in the apprentice Training Program, as well as taking an in depth look at the consultation, and guest care behaviors important to building a sustainable business.



MPLS - September 22 + 23

CHI - September 29 + 30

Design-Tech Two

(technique vs tools)

This workshop builds off of the learning developed in DESIGN-TECH ONE, and focuses on the tools and techniques involved with cutting progressively shorter shapes. We execute the last three haircuts in the Apprentice Training Program, and explore several variations to help develop a greater design sensibility, and to support your individual design objectives.



CHI - June 30 - July 1

CHI - November 10 + 11

MPLS - November 17 + 18


Clipper Intensive

This workshop is dedicated to understanding the tools – techniques and templates necessary to cut any shape, or distribution of weight in extremely short hair. We work primarily with detectable bladed clippers, and a limited selection of blades. We cut a series of short “clipper focused” shapes from the Grooming Collectives Apprentice Training Program, as well as a few classic barbering haircuts..




Influence & Impact

This workshop explores all the behaviors that are directly related to attracting and keeping a vibrant  clientele. We start by understanding which clients have the strongest potential to influence your business- and how to approach them from a position of confidence. We work on developing scripts to support every point in the service delivery cycle – greeting – consultation - product prescription - re-booking dialogue and referral requests.   Ultimately we look at how to position yourself on social media, and with traditional “follow-up” rigor to make sure you are capturing and keeping the highest percentage of guests possible.



CHI - July 2

MPLS - September 16


Mentor/Owner Training

This one-day workshop supports the Mentor, or Owner / Manager responsible for developing the technical and service delivery skills of the Design Team.  From recruitment to Mentorship we create a clear path of training, assessment, benchmarks and accountabilities to ensure that your overall business, and every member of your team is well supported.






Individual 2-day workshop $675

Series of two 2-day workshops $1200

One day Mentor Training $200

One day Influence and Impact $200





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